01.06.2011 Pressconference for the upcoming fight between former Worldchamp Supermiddleweight and WBC Emeritus danish Mikkel Kessler against Supermiddleweight french Medhi Bouadla in Kopenhagen. The fight will be on 04.06.2011 in the national soccerstation Parken before more than 10000 mainly danish fans who will see their boxing hero maybe the last time on danish ground. 


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The fight is shown on US television showtime on the same day like the bout of Supermiddleweights Carl Froch - Glen Johnson of the SuperSixWorldchampionship. Promoter of Kessler Team Sauerland plans after a victory some more fights just on American ground against the winner of the SuperSixTournee or Supermiddleweight Champ Lucian Bute.


On pressconference in Parken had been yesterday: danish boxer Mikkel Kessler, his american trainer Jimmy Montoya, german Promoter Kalle Sauerland, german pr-head Team Sauerland Johannes Berendt, french boxer Medhi Bouadla, his french trainer Nasser Lalaoui and his french promoter Bernhard Roos.


The french promoter remarked in a long monolog about his bad experiences with the danish boxing association and he spoke of the advantage of his boxer to go in ring with Kessler who will come back now after over a year pause because of an eye-injury. Bouadly said he will take his chance to win and be part of such a great event against Kessler. 

Kessler and his trainer insured that he`s perfectly prepared for this fight and happy to come back on danish ground. It should be an event for his danish fans.


The fight is live in danish TV on SportenTV2 and seeing on english TV Sky Sports and on US Showtime.